Hunger and Fat Adaption

Over-hunger is caused by a hormone imbalance, cravings, and withdrawal. Your body knows exactly how much food it needs. When you eat naturally occurring foods, your body knows how to read those foods and allocate them in the body. This keeps the hormones balanced and the hunger signals clear.

We have conditioned ourselves to be emotionally hungry when we aren’t physically hungry by just seeing foods or making associations. 

We have put ourselves into a hungry state by eating too often and teaching our bodies to become “sugar burners” instead of fat adapted. 

We have forced our bodies into a state of withdrawal and craving by eating artificially concentrated foods that our bodies can’t easily read, and therefore, throw off our hormones and hunger scale. 

The goal is to reduce hunger, so you are only hungry for a very small amount of food that your body needs.  

The goal is to allow yourself to access your fat stores when you are hungry, so your body becomes fat adapted. 

Your main source of food when you are trying to lose weight needs to be your body fat. 

The more you can train your body to burn fat for fuel, the thinner you will be. 

You will know when you are fat adapted because you will be able to go 12-16 hours easily without food. You are not fat adapted when you are eating all the time.

Tap into your pre-frontal cortex –The pre-frontal cortex is the more evolved part of your brain.  We begin to use this part of our brain by planning exactly what you will eat 24 hours ahead of time.   If we don’t manage this and allow our primitive brain to be in charge, we will feel the need to give in, to eat to feel safe, avoid pain and seek pleasure. The primitive brain can be like an unsupervised toddler with a knife!   It wants what it wants, and it wants it NOW!  

Our primitive brain doesn’t care about our goals, expansion, change and growth.  It doesn’t care about the way we feel in our clothes, how we feel in our body, the scale number etc.  The primitive brain does what it always has done, based on conditioning, patterns and beliefs from the past. THE ONLY WAY TO AVOID THESE TENDENCIES IS TO PLAN AHEAD OF TIME EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL DO AND TO STICK WITH THIS PLAN!  

Lastly– BE KIND TO YOURSELF THROUGHOUT THIS JOURNEY!  FAILURE IS SIMPLY FEEDBACK!   When you slip up (BECAUSE YOU ARE HUMAN), get curious about your thoughts, eavesdrop on your mind.  What was I feeling?  Was there a feeling present that I was trying to avoid?   Why or why not?  


Love yourself through ALL of it!  

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