meet stephanie stichler
Life coach - specializing in weight loss, nutrition, and mindset training

"Physical changes alone, without mental and emotional transformation will never bring you the results you desire long term."

Stephanie is a heart-centered Certified Life Coach who spent the first part of her career working in mental health after attaining her Masters Degree in Counseling 28 years ago.  As a coach currently, she focuses specifically on the brain and behavior modification, how our mind impacts every decision we make and thus every result we create in our lives.  She spent the last 9 years working for Anthem Inc. in Behavioral Health as a Health Coach supporting case management and then the last 3 years as a Nutrition Coach improving the lives of Anthem members all across the country.

She was committed to her clients daily and also was given the opportunity to train and develop her colleagues understanding of the brain, the client’s mindset, emotional triggers and patterns and how core beliefs can so often impact our day to day decisions and whether or not we reach our health related goals.  

Stephanie is certified as a Life Coach through THE LIFE COACH SCHOOL. She has a passion to guide clients on a journey of understanding their mind and how this awareness ignites change and allows those she works with to move past obstacles and limiting beliefs and into the life of their dreams. We are all just ordinary humans, but we can do extraordinary things when we have the right tools.  

Stephanie’s goal is to bring everyone from surviving to truly thriving and she strives to be an example of what is possible for all of her clients.  Stephanie is fiercely passionate and believes that EVERYONE has the wisdom and answers inside them.  Her role as a coach is to simply help each person she interacts with access this unique wisdom and their beautiful mind!  

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